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Abstract Zero vs Ontological Zero (∅ vs 0)

Novembre 19th, 2019 No Comments   Posted in Dacia Iluministă

Abstract Zero vs Ontological Zero (∅ vs 0)

by Thomas Foster – hyperian

Division by Zero
(N<x> indicates N subscript x)
Empiricist scientists and abstract mathematicians deny that division by zero is possible, but that is a faith-based position and contrary to reason. Division by zero is in fact ontologically valid, and represents the interface between matter and mind.

What is zero divided by zero? Undefinable? Indeterminate? Surely we can do better than that!

Two conflicting arguments are typically advanced for 0 / 0:
[Case 1] 0 / X = 0, therefore when X = 0, 0 / 0 = 0
[Case 2] N / N = 1, therefore when N = 0, 0 / 0 = 1
This kind of arguing comes from failing to understand what zero actually is. There is in fact no discrepancy:
Case (1) is correct for abstract zero: ∅ / X does indeed give ∅ / ∅ = ∅ if X = ∅.
Case (2) is correct for ontological zero: 0<1> / N is a mathematical impossibility due to monads’ indivisibility – if N is finite but NOT if N is monadic (dimensionless).
i.e. N = 0 = 0<1>

When x = 0 is substituted into x(∞<α>) = x/0 [equation E from my previous post “Counting Infinities”] we obtain:
x(∞<α>) = x/0
0(∞<α>) = 0/0
Since 0(∞<α>) = 1,
1 = 0/0
Therefore 0 / 0 = 1.
Ontologically, this makes perfect sense:
0 / 0 = 0<1> / 0<1>
i.e. 1 monad divided by 1 monad equals 1, just as 1 / 1 = 1.
One monad ‘goes into’ one monad exactly one time.

Now, there is a caveat here – we are assuming 0 / 0 means ” 0<1> / 0<1> “.
In certain cases, in calculus for example, 0 / 0 actually represents an unknown number of monads divided by another unknown number of monads. Therefore 0 / 0 would be the equivalent of saying x / y = z; or 0<x> / 0<y> = z (x divided by y could equal anything since we don’t know what the numbers are, and therefore the result could be any number).
Otherwise, when the number of monads is known, division involving quantities of zeroes acts exactly the same as finite division (involving different quantities/multiples of 1).
Example: 0<10> / 0<5> = 2. In this case 0 (the base unit of mind) acts just the same as operations involving 1 (the base unit of matter).
What happens if you split 10 monads into 2 groups i.e. 0<10> / 2 = ?
You get 5 monads. 0<10> / 2 = 0<5>.

From Wikipedia:
“With the following assumptions:”
0 * 1 = 0
0 * 2 = 0
“The following must be true:”
0 * 1 = 0 * 2 therefore 0/0 * 1 = 0/0 * 2
“Simplified, this yields:”
1 = 2
Needless to say, the initial assumptions are incorrect:
0 * 1 = 0<1> (one monad)
0 * 2 = 0<2> (two monads)
Therefore 0<1> ≠ 0<2> (One monad does not equal two monads, just as 1 does not equal 2!)

From mathforum.org:
“Division by zero is an operation for which you cannot find an answer, so it is disallowed. You can understand why if you think about how division and multiplication are related.”
12/6 = 2 because 6*2 = 12
12 / 0 = X would mean that 0 * X = 12
“But no value would work for X because 0 * X = 0. So X / 0 doesn’t work.”
For abstract zero, it is true that ∅ * X = ∅. (“Non-existence” is not affected by multiplication).
However 0 * X ≠ 0 (ontological zero can be multiplied, monads are COUNTABLE).
12 / 0 = 12(∞<α>) i.e. finite matter to dimensionless mind.
0 * 12(∞<α>) = 12 i.e. infinite monads ‘making up’ matter.

Mathematical Consciousness

Novembre 9th, 2019 No Comments   Posted in Dacia Iluministă

Mathematical Consciousness:

We are conscious because we can refer to ourselves as “I”, and we can move this “I” around in our mental space, and reflect on it.If we couldn’t do that,we wouldn’t be conscious.No animals can do this, so no animals are conscious.Humans who have a severely restricted mind space and poor language fluency – through conditions such as learning disabilities and autism – are not conscious in the way that normal people are.Highly intelligent people are much more conscious than average people since they are able to use language with enormously more acuity.They are able to get the most from language rather than the least.This is one of the great unacceptable knowledged truths.When you interact with others, you no doubt assume you are dealing with people who are as conscious as you.You are radically wrong.Stupid people in stupid jobs have limited consciousness.Many convicts in prisons are barely conscious.It was their lack of consciousness that led them there.Terrorism is a product of shrunken consciousness, consciousness that revolves around a single idea, and total ignorance of all other ideas.Humanity suffers from a wide spread disease of consciousness.Humanity must become much more conscious via much better education, focused onreason rather than faith and emotions. What is the mathematical equivalent of “I”? Consider the following matrix (see picture below)

The “other-reference” terms are those where i ≠ j (e.g.a1,2) while the “self-reference” terms are those where i = j (e.g.a1,1).There are two types of determinism corresponding to these respective situations: other-deterministic and self-determinism.Science, to the extent that it accepts determinism (it is in fact increasingly in deterministic and probabilistic) acknowledges only other-determinism.It does not acknowledge self-reference, self-determinism,subjectivity, which means that free will is deemed impossible in science.This is an inevitable outcome of materialism, which has no place for autonomousagents.The central problem of science lies in its inability to comprehend mental self-reference.Mental self-reference means that you can take a decisions purely with reference to yourself – with no reference to anything else – and that is exactly what is meant by “free will”.You, and you alone, took the decision, and you were not compelled by anything outside you.However, science does not accept the existence of autonomous minds.It posits a universe of atoms – objects – all interacting with each other in a vast web of “other-reference”. There are no self-reference agents in the mix that candetermine their own actions.If we replace atoms (strict objects) with monads (mathematical subject-objects) then we can automatically have an objective world of monadic other-reference (producing the collective Fourier spacetime world) interacting with a subjective world of monadic self-reference (the individual Fourier frequency domain of each monadic mind).If science were true, no one would suffer from any delusion that they were free.You cannot have even the illusion of freedom in a system that has no freedom (i.e.in a system of exclusive other-reference).You wouldn’t even beable to formulate the concept of freedom since nothing at all could possible correspond to the concept, hence no one would understand the word “free”.The fact that we know we are free, and can take decisions on our own account, irrefutably means that science is false.A monadic system easily explains what is going on, and easily replaces science.Monads can act as both subjects and objects, depending on the context.They can be both syntactic and semantic, and they can use mathematics to communicate with everything else, hence there is no problem of Cartesian dualism.It is sheer ideological prejudice that prevents science from basing itself on monads, which are infinitely more powerful and useful than mere atoms.A monad has arrived at the mathematical equivalent of “I” when it can identify itself as one of the self reference terms in the above matrix, e.g.a2,2,and can grasp that all monads are interacting with each other via the other-reference terms.It’s all in the math.The monad can then imagine itself in a mathematical space, moving around in that space, and interacting with other mathematical objects and subjects.It does not require any man made language.It has constructed a mathematical “Analog “I” in a mathematical domain which is exactly like the real mathematical domain, and using the same Fourier mathematics. Our dream worlds could be construed as our mathematical simulations of the“physical” world.A monadic mind mathematically modeling actual mathematical reality is much more powerful than a human mind operating in a man made mental space that does not reflect mathematical reality but instead reflects human language and human figures of speech.Mathematical consciousness is much more powerful than man made consciousness, and leads us to DIVINITY.

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“Nothing” versus Non-existence

Agosto 11th, 2019 No Comments   Posted in Dacia Iluministă
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The New Atlantis

21 ore

“Nothing” versus Non-existence

Perhaps the most misunderstood and problematic concept in human history is the meaning of nothing – void, emptiness, vacuum, space.

The ancient Greeks wrestled endlessly with this concept, but they never managed to produce a definition that resolved the issue once and for all. In fact, no clear-cut definition exists to this day in the scientific world. “Nothing” is particularly difficult for scientific materialists because their ideological position of faith (and “faith” is exactly the right word because scientific materialism is effectively a religion) is that only things that have a size (extension, dimensionality) exist. Existence, for a materialist, is revealed by the human senses. It’s all about empiricism – experience, experiment and observation.

A materialist asserts, in effect, that if our senses were sufficiently acute – in particular our vision – we could “see” and detect everything that exists, no matter how small it is. Everything that exists is physical i.e. it is an entity within space and time. It has dimensions. It has one or more of the following attributes: mass, volume, speed, energy, a wavelength, a frequency. All of these attributes are considered to have meaning only in relation to space and time.

If our senses or our physical, scientific equipment can’t in principle detect something then it is, according to scientists, non-sensical to talk of the thing having any kind of existence. A religious entity such as an immaterial and immortal soul that can’t be detected is regarded as superstitious and fanciful nonsense that can’t be taken seriously rationally or logically. Hence, all consistent scientific materialists are atheists. Those scientists who proclaim religious beliefs are fundamentally dishonest and deluded because atheist materialists are absolutely correct that materialism and religion are as mutually exclusive as existence and non-existence. If scientific materialism is true then religion is false. It’s as simple as that. There’s no scope for souls and, without souls, religion is absurd.

In philosophy, materialists and empiricists have waged an intellectual war against the idealists and rationalists.

It’s critical to have a basic understanding of the positions espoused by these four schools of philosophical thinking:
1) Materialism
2) Empiricism
3) Idealism
4) Rationalism

Materialism and empiricism are natural partners and drive modern science. Idealism and rationalism are also natural partners and put mind above matter. Idealists and rationalists have effectively been defeated by science since they have been unable to compete with its remarkable successes and its predictive and transformative abilities.

That’s where Illuminism comes into the picture. Illuminism is absolutely located within the tradition of idealism and rationalism but what Illuminists realised was that they must also lay claim to materialism and empiricism by showing that these are just subsets of idealism and rationalism.

Illuminism asserts that scientific materialism is perfect for studying the PHYSICAL universe – that’s what it’s designed for – but hopeless at addressing any of the big questions relating to life, mind, consciousness, God, souls and afterlife. All the primary questions of existence can be answered only within the idealist and rationalist context. We will have proved this to you by the end of this series of books and we will doso using the only possible tool – mathematics, the queen of the sciences.

Mathematics, unlike science, is not materialistic or empiricist. It is an expression of rationalism par excellence and it also absolutely in the tradition of idealism. The mathematical domain is nothing other than the perfect manifestation of Plato’s realm of perfect Forms: eternal, immutable, flawless Ideas. Is it not a remarkable thing that mathematics (a tool of ultra Platonic rationalism) is the mainstay of science (a materialist and empiricist ideology)? That ought to have set alarm bells ringing in the loudest possible way for scientific materialists and revealed that there was a catastrophic logical defect in their anti-rationalist approach. But it never has. They have simply ignored this question. In fact, it may never have occurred to them. Scientists in general are staggeringly unphilosophically minded – to their extreme detriment.

Excerpt from The God Game

Mike Hockney


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